The Southern Utah desert is home to some of the gnarliest riding terrain in the country. Its unique mesas and cliffs offer some of the most exposed and steep lines in the sport, and for a few weeks out of the year, it draws in the best free riders in the world to compete in a competition like no other, Red Bull Rampage.


Over the weeks leading up to the main event, each rider assembles a crew of diggers and trail builders to help bring their vision to life. The whole process takes a lot of grit and weighing out the risks. Once the build starts to come alive, the riders begin hitting the features and put their ideas to the test. This process can be more intense than the main show.


FH crew members Carson Storch and Emil Johansson put together some insane lines, and in the end, it all came together. Carson’s first run was near perfect, placing him in 3rd overall. The stoke was so high from friends and spectators alike, and we couldn’t have been more proud of him. 

This was Emil’s second rampage, and some would consider him to be one of the rookies in the Rampage scene. With that being said, he held his own and brought his slope-style touch to his performance, which the judges loved, placing him 7th and guaranteeing a spot in next year’s event. It’s a huge win for him as he diversifies his riding career.

Photography: Trevor Lyden