by 805 Beer

Oftentimes we have the misconception that trails just pop out of the ground, ripe for the riding. But the amount of work that goes into creating something that works and flows is far from an easy undertaking. The care and curation of details bring out the personality of each builder as you ride a new line. The unsung heroes of trail building have spoiled Northern California with patches of riding heaven littering the mountains.

And this is where 805 Authentico Ryan “R-Dog” Howard comes in. If you can dream it, Ryan can build it. Just give him a shovel and a cooler full of cold ones for the day’s work. With that combo, he’ll put together something that sends common architects to their knees. R-Dog’s eye for taking raw earth and creating a riding paradise is showcased in the latest 805 Beer Film, The Build. In it, we take a peek behind the labor of love that goes into taking a blank canvas from rideable to rippable, to all-time fun with friends. The nostalgia of epic dirt and an ice chest full of beer in the forest leaves you itching to slam the laptop shut, grab a shovel and get after it. No dig, no ride... no beer.

805 beer is proudly brewed by Firestone Walker Brewing Co in Paso Robles, California.