4th Annual Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down South 

The yearly tradition continued as we made our way to Dade City, Florida, for the 4th Annual Red Bull Day In The Dirt Down South. Like in years past, dirt bike lovers from all over the South piled into Dade City, MX, with decked-out campers and two-wheeled machines in tow. With everyone bringing some of their favorite toys, there were plenty of pit bikes, 2-strokes, vintage bikes, factory 450s, and even a converted jet ski made to roam the pits.

This Down South crowd has a little bit of everything, and along with the fast bikes, they have that Southern Charm that we look forward to every year. Truly, the people who create traditions, race to beat their buddy, and are in it for an old-fashioned good time are what make this gathering one-of-a-kind. 

To make this year even better, Red Bull brought on Jason Baker and his “Dream Trax” Crew to build the track. It was fast, flowy, and fun. Everyone that got on the line and did a little racing came off that track perma-stoked.

Our FH crew was in the mix all weekend, ripping some laps and getting in on the fun in the pits. When our crew wasn’t racing, they were standing trackside with a cold one in hand, supporting their buddies and talking some shit.

When Sunday rolls around, it is bittersweet; the body is fried, but the soul always wants more of what we love most. Luckily for us, we get to do this dance every year, and damn, we love it. Cheers to the next one down the line; we can’t wait!

Photography: Max Mandell