Red Bull Imagination is the premier freeride motocross event dreamt up by Tyler Bereman. The single-day competition brings together top freeriders from around the world to unleashes their imagination and carve some of their biggest lines, tricks, and whips on a custom-built, life-sized 'playground' course not found anywhere else in the world.


Equal parts expression session and competition, Red Bull Imagination pulls a vision of the ultimate freeride course from Bereman’s mind and carves it into the Great Plains of Kansas. Bereman partners up with master designer Jason Baker to craft a course that progresses the sport of freeride, breaking ground to turn rolling hills and open prairie into a dream freeride course. A week of practice culminates in an epic competition day; the collective stoke from all the best freeriders in the world pushes them to embrace their imagination and raise the bar in this ever-evolving discipline.

“Today was the best year yet by far,” said Bereman. “We made a lot of changes to this whole thing, and everyone stepped up to the plate for their team. The vibe was really high, and the energy was through the roof.”