Speed Style Blaster Glove - Black/White

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Style Number 5027

Our Speed Style glove utilizes quality materials with a traditional cut. Built to withstand countless weekends with your friends in the desert, yet high performance enough to line up at the starting line.

Tested and proven at some of the raddest races and funnest places. 

  • Expanding knuckle gussets for increased finger dexterity
  • Low profile impact protection guard on upper knuckles
  • Touchscreen fingertips on index & thumb tips
  • Checkered silicone grip on index & middle fingers
  • Durable Clarino® palm and thumb guard
  • Molded neoprene low profile cuff
  • Industrial strength hook and loop closure
  • Stretch cooling mesh finger gussets
  • TPR and print embellishments
  • Form fitting 4 way stretch body

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Chris B.
    Fit like a....

    Perfect fit. Sizing chart was spot on.

    great for cooler riding

    So I live in Brooklyn New York and it deffintly gets pretty cold here in winter months I rode a klx230 and ride in street and trails but alot of street riding so I basically rode all year and ride a ATV when it snows So far these gloves seem good at 35 degrees and at 50-60 mph at a hour ride these are not to bulky and dont feel so bulky and restricting when pulling in clutch and brake lever and thumb is great feel on atv thumb throttle. I only used these 3 times so ill see how they hold up and i havent gotten them wet so verdict still out on those but as far as warmth and comfort and fit they are excellent

    Daniel Guillen
    Speed Style Blaster Glove

    This are my favorite pair of gloves ever, feel comfortable and tight. Ready to ride!!!


    very good

    Speed Style Blaster Glove - Black/White
    Speed Style Blaster Glove - Black/White
    Speed Style Blaster Glove - Black/White