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Grindhouse 2.0 Punk Pants - White/Black

This limited edition gear is for the non-traditional, it goes against the grain. The rawness in design is a flash to the past, to the days when rules were few and artists, punk rock bands, and daredevils brought a sense of realness to the masses.


Fit, function, simplicity. This pant skips all the over-engineered razzle-dazzle of today's current batch of riding pants and goes straight to the tried and true features that have been time-proven and we know works. With that as the core focus of everything Fasthouse produces, our first entry into the pant market is a workhorse.

Durable enough for countless weekends with your friends in the desert or at the track, yet high-performance enough to line up at Supercross.

• 600 Denier Poly main panel construction.

• 2 way stretch knee and rear yoke panels.

• Lightweight, breathable and snag resistant thigh and calf panels.

• High strength Nylon thread double and triple stitched seams.

• High heat and abrasion resistant Full Grain Leather inner knee panels.

• Punched Poly front panel allows just the right amount of venting.

• Durable and plyable TPR thigh and knee embellishments.

• Silky soft Tricot 3/4 length knee brace optimized lining.

• Patterned and fit for every style of rider.


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Colton Brown
Fits great, looks awesome!

Amazing gear, will purchase again

Grindhouse 2.0 punk pants white/black

great! I loved them. They are better than I expected

Declan Keating


Brandon Friz

So I really loved the pants until I washed them and all the leather on the inner knee panels pealed off and they stained all the white on the pants very disappointed but stuff happened loved the pants while they lasted

Benjamin Boisvert
High Quality, Poor Fit and Sizing

To start off if I could give the quality of the gear a rating it would be 5 stars its super nice, well made and I love the way it looks, the big issue is the sizing, I wear a 3xl shirt and 44” pants which I thought was perfect because thats the biggest sizes you offer, now I dont know who your sizing these things for but the gear didn’t even begin to fit which is a super disappointment because its so hard to find good quality and good fitting moto gear when your a bigger guy like myself, I would love to see you guys offer bigger sizes that are actually true to size, as you go bigger in size you need to realize that the fittment should be alittle more relaxed and not as “athletic” fitting to give us big guys some wiggle room, I know the average moto riders are usually skinny little guys but we come in every size

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