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    Fasthouse humbly began in a garage in Newhall, California and has always been about appreciating the past, looking towards the future, and never forgetting to enjoy the present. 

    Meet the Moto-9 Flex evolution of the fittest. A first-of-its-kind, three-layer impact liner utilizes multiple densities of material to more comprehensively disperse impact energy and works to reduce rotational energy transfer. Moto-9s flexible, segmented liner achieves an adaptive, more personalized fit for a wider variety of head shapes, and allows us to deliver superior ventilation throughout the helmet. The Moto-9 Flex is the most advanced helmet we have ever made, and is setting the standard for rider protection in motocross and off-road racing.

    Shell: Lightweight Carbon composite shell construction

    Cheek Pad: Magnefusion emergency removal system. Magnetic cheek pads

    Ventilation: Velocity flow ventilation system for maximum cooling

    Certification: DOT / Snell M2015