“You better be damn fast or damn entertaining…preferably both” - Ron Sanchez

Every year, the Sanchez’s open up the gate to their family ranch and put on one of the most iconic Mountain Bike Enduro races in the U.S. Located in Grass Valley, California, TDS Enduro draws in some of the best racers in the country. Along with the world-class “serious“ racers, it also draws our band of misfits. Made up of freeriders, stuntmen, daredevils, and fast guys, all of them show up for a weekend of racing and good times. 


We just really love riding on two wheels with our buddies, and TDS is the perfect venue. It has plenty of beer-drinking, shit-talking, and nonstop riding. We have been coming back year after year too many times to count, and this community has become our extended family.

The Sanchez’s and a group of dedicated volunteers spend months preparing the property and building a ton of rad trails. It is because of their hard work that we get to spend three days in the woods doin’ what we do best, having a damn good time. From the late nights at the fire pit to the intense racing during the day, we have made some core memories here.

This gathering brings out the best in people, and it really makes you appreciate that events like this still exist. We race sometimes… but we always plan on racing at TDS. See you next year!

Video: JP Purdom  | Photos: Max Mandell