TDS is a legendary Mountain Bike Enduro known for being one of the toughest and coolest of its kind.

This invite only event brings together some of the best in the industry from all sorts of riding disciplines. They come to hang out with their community, put down some fast times, and live it up during the night life scene. Folk's travel from all over to spectate and catch a glimpse of the action, and it is just as exciting for the crowd as it is for the riders.

The heckling is word class, and you can’t help but get sucked into the shared experience of cheering on your best buds or idols flying down the steep terrain. The Sanchez family and the awesome volunteers work endlessly on crafting a trail system unlike any other. The course has its steep sections, rock gardens, jump lines, bomber turns, gnarly pedal sections and even a huge long jump spectacle.   

After a long day of riding the athletes then have a choice, stay up for the good times that the nightlife has to offer or call it and try to save some juice for the next day of racing. Most fold their cards and head down to the bonfire for pit bike racing, shooting the shit with friends new and old, and plenty of cold 805 beer. The morning sun comes unusually quick at TDS and the racers gear up to do it all over again. The whole weekend feels like one long badass marathon, with everyone finishing the last stage on Sunday with a smile on their face.  

This race and community mean a lot to us, and we give so much appreciation and thanks to the Sanchez family for putting on such a rad event. We don’t plan on ever missing out on this one, see you next year!  

Photos by Trevor Lynden