Behind the Scenes of My 2022 Season

by Emil Johansson

"Heavy is the head that wears the Crown" is a full length behind the scenes documentary film, following my 2022 season. Coming into the season the goals were all set. At first everything more or less seems to go as planned, but that soon changes with a broken hand just weeks before Red Bull Joyride.

To top it off - during the final run in Australia, were I could have secured The Triple Crown, I get knocked out in a crash. This put me in a situation where I need to win the last competition, in just four weeks time to secure the both The Triple Crown and the World Tour Title. The film focus on what it takes to be on top and what it takes to stay there, even when nothing seems to go your way. The mindset, the willpower and the hunger to overcome. We want to inspire others that with hard work and determination you can achieve great things.

Hope you enjoy the video!