The Return to the Sea to Sky Corridor

Easily the most iconic mountains in mountain biking, Whistler,  has been home to the most celebrated mtb festivals for years and after a multi year stint of absence, our crew and the rest of the world was eager to get back. R-Dogg, TMac, Emil, Caroline, Bubba and everyone else made the pilgrimage to rip up the trails, drink some cold ones and have a good time.


Speed and Style, Dual Slalom, Pumptrack, Whip-off, and of course the pinnacle of slope, Redbull Joyride were on tap for the week and Emil was ready to continue his streak of dominance. We had the whole crew up there, and like usual we had one hell of a time, plus Emil made it 8 in a row.

Crankworx Slopes StyleBubba WarrenCaroline Buchanan Dual SlalomDual Slalom ActionCrankworx JoyrideCrankworx DHEmil GoldCrankworx PodiumEmil ChampWhistler Chairlift

Photos @trevor_lynden