Jersey ID Kit - Dale

Style Number 9050

Personalize your Fasthouse Jersey with a custom name and number kit.  We'll select the right ink color to match up the jersey of your choice and make it look just right.

Care Instructions
Machine wash cold. Hang dry. 

Jersey Required 
We are not shipping these kits, so you also need to order a jersey.  If you already have a jersey, you will need to ship it or drop it off at our facility.

Printing and Shipping
Due to holiday demand, please allow 5-7 business days for printing, processing and shipping. Next Day and 2nd Day shipping will be used when your jersey is ready to ship if selected. 

All sales are final on our ID kits.
If you are unsure about the size and fit, or have any questions please call us at 661.775.5963 or email:

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Kit Stokes
Make sure to verify the print color you want used.

Had my Jersey Printed, yup says my name and number on it with the font I picked, but blends together since you guys used silver on black. I might be from Las Vegas, but I hate the Raiders... You guys show white or black lettering on the website. The back of my jersey is black... Instead of printing white lettering like anyone paying attention would do, you guys used silver lettering. WTF? Then to top it off, the day after I paid $45 to have the printing done, you send me an email to offer free jersey printing??!... Pretty disasppointed in the jersey printing process. It was fast but....

You guys do make the best riding pants in the industry. Thats spoken from 35 yrs of Moto wearing every brand out there.. Cheers

Anthony LaGrasta
Quick fulfillment, as described.

Pretty sweet for a custom jersey, but very expensive considering.

Travis Cory
Expert service

Excellent service. Fast. Reliable. Ordered online. Shipped in my jerseys. Got them back in 3 days. They both look amazing. I’ve been a fasthouse user for 4 years now. Nothing else compares. Thank you for making us old guys look fast! 🤙🏼


Look so cool

Justin Murray
Good looking jersey

Everything came out as expected, it looks ten times better in person then it does online

Jersey ID Kit - Dale
Jersey ID Kit - Dale
Jersey ID Kit - Dale
Jersey ID Kit - Dale
Jersey ID Kit - Dale